Singing and Dancing in the Rain...

Jubilee Testaments
While the nation celebrated our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with grand flotillas, parades, concerts, and all the rest of it, the Dudley Road organising committee put on its own street party. This took place on the Dudley Road Rec on a wet Sunday afternoon on June 3rd.  Considering the weather (same as for the River Thames festivities) the turn out was pretty good, and the brave people of the neighbourhood came together to celebrate and eat burgers and hot-dogs.  The event was part-funded from previous community events.


The bouncy castle had to be abandoned because of the rain, but those who took part had a good time.  Our new marquee certainly earned its keep.  Jubilee edition New Testaments were given out and there was opportunity for people to make prayer requests and suggest topics for our September services. 


BBQ Dudley St PartyI only attended one of the planning committee’s meetings, but it was great to see church and community working together.  We hope that bridges were built and good relationships forged for holding future events – maybe an annual Barnwell Party.  The big plus for church people was just getting alongside our neighbours; I hope they found the experience a positive one too.


Robin Giles




Robin Giles, 09/10/2012