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Barnwell Baptist Church has been running a group for the Over 60's for many years and we have been grateful for the many who have helped to make this group successful and to enable us to continue running.

We have just recently changed what was a monthly get together into a weekly gathering, with a slightly different flavour each week.

On the first Monday of the month, we hold our club afternoon - and at this we will have different speakers, quizzes and games, entertainment and an opportunity to catch up with one another.

On the second Monday of the month there is an opportunity to get together and play some board games - some like to strecth themselves with a bit of scrabble, others prefer cards or Ludo.

The third Monday we have our tea-break - a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit supplements a lot of chatter! There is also opportunity for those who so desire to get the games out again (and of course we don't only serve tea and coffee on the 3rd Monday - this is readily available every week.)

The fourth Monday is more games (we can get the Table Tennis table out for those who want to have a game or two), but again people can simply come along and have a chat over a cup of tea.

And when we have a fifth Monday, we organise a coach trip - usually a shopping trip somewhere suitable.

Over the course of the year we arrange other trips and outings - a spring and summer trip are always well received. We also hold a special service during the summer, at Christmas and Easter and invite folk to join us for other special services as well - harvest being another particular favourite.

There is a membership fee for the year (or for half a year) which entitles members to discount on some of our trips and covers the costs of our speakers and entertainment. We don't want money to be an issue, or a membership fee to get in the way of people coming, We encourage folk to come and have a look and if after a few weeks or months they enjoy coming, then we can talk about membership.

Everyone over 60 is welcome, although we primarily aim to serve the residents of the Abbey ward. And alongside these regular sessions we do support other activities locally and promote events in the city.

For more information contact Stuart Wood at the Church Office.

To see our latest programme click HERE